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This correspondence is probably going make some readers uncomfortable. Nevertheless, please understand I only seek to shine light on different perspectives concerning current social issues so that in love we can have the “hard conversations”.

In the George Floyd case, the world watched in horror as a black man (handcuffed and subdued) is killed in front of our eyes by a white police officer.

In our own state, we saw a video where vigilante style “community policing” resulted in a young black man (Ahmaud Arbery) shot and killed. Afterwards, a GBI investigator testified that the killer was heard calling Arbery a “f****** n-word” after shooting him.

Lastly, we see a video in Atlanta where a black man (Rayshard Brooks) is shot in the back after assaulting a police officer and running away.

I will give you the different perspectives. In the first two situations with George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery the killers were wrong and should be punished under the full weight of the law. Neither of those deaths should have occurred. George was subdued and Ahmaud should have had the police called on him if it was believed he committed a crime.

In the last situation with Rayshard, I cannot fathom a scenario where a person is engaged by a police officer, assault the officer, take the officer’s weapon, run away and shoot the weapon at the officer and everything turns out well and peaceful.

As conservatives and Republicans, we should be angry! We should be angry that for the most part much of our Republican leadership has been silent on these issues. Democrats have shaped and controlled most of the conversations on these issues. I have engaged Republicans and Democrats in these conversations over the past weeks.

My experience has been that many Republicans will address and support my conversation about Rayshard but are reluctant or flat out refuse to call out the injustice of the George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery situations as wrong even on its surface.

Every situation is NOT ALWAYS a racism issue. Just as we are vociferous and energized about, Gun Rights, Rights for the lives of the unborn and illegal immigration issues we CANNOT continue be silent about human rights injustices.

We can always stand on the principal that, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

We have some Republican candidates who are running for election in November who have truly taken a stance and are leading the conversations about injustices among other issues.

Just to mention a few, Dr. Rich McCormick for U.S. House Georgia District 7 and Johsie Cruz U.S. House Georgia District 4 both have garnered support from many diverse groups, which is a testament to their true characters. They have organized and led substantive dialogues with constituents in their respective districts about what real police and justice reform would be shaped when they are elected.

As a man of GOD, a Republican and conservative leader in our county I welcome the challenge of standing for what is right even when that stance is unpopular. I am proud to stand and defend all people no matter the color of their skin, their cultural, or social economic backgrounds.

As a black man and military war veteran, I am proud to stand and defend our country even at times when it was unpopular because, I believe in us. LEADERS LEAD!

If you want to stand with leadership who supports and defend, our way of life in Gwinnett County JOIN US! Go to our website and volunteer or become a member.

Make a donation to help us win in the 2020 elections. Be Angry! Take stance for one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.”


  • I could not agree with you more. Especially with the comment that leaders lead and this is a time for leadership.
    It is not a time to cower and hide because our positions might be offensive to others. As a naturalized citizen myself, I will staunchly support my country at every turn. No other country in the world will afford me the opportunities that this country will. I will not go down without a fight. Keep fighting the good fight and I will too!

  • Edward, I agree with what you have written in your July letter.
    We can & should speak out against any and all injustices we witness and hear about in our communities; whether they appear to be racial or any other manner of injustice.
    All the facts in all three cases you mentioned in your letter will be disclosed in criminal court proceedings where those that are found to be guilty by a jury will be sentenced and punished for their crimes, as it should be.

  • Well said my friend! Magnificent!

  • I appreciate your comments regarding the need to address the current social issues clearly and uphold our nation’s founding principles.

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