Seeing Red Gala 2019

It has always been the strategy of a predator to ruthlessly exploit the most vulnerable in community or group. Amongst people groups, children can be the easiest target. Therefore, the attacks on our children are nothing new. As conservatives, however, we take a firm stand and say a resounding, “No More.”

Seeing Red is a double entendre: primarily for our intentionality to stand for our children despite the onslaught against them. We recognize the biblical and moral mandate to be angry enough to act in defense of children, in our community and around the world. We also recognize that the conservative platform, symbolized by its red color, is the mechanism by which this battle will be fought and won. As Republicans, we are committed to painting a passion for Georgia's most vulnerable citizens.

Benefiting Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter

A portion of the proceds from this Gala will be given to Home of Hope, who provides not only refuge, but rehabilitation for homeless children and their young mothers. They cater to their physical, emotional, and educational needs, while also helping mothers create a plan of action to get back on their feet and take their next steps towards independence.

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