Gwinnett County Republican Party

Meet the
Executive Committee

The Gwinnett County Republican Party shall consist of two committees to be known as the County Committee and the Executive Committee. The Gwinnett County Republican Party shall be governed by the Gwinnett County Republican Committee, commonly referred to as the County Committee. The Executive Committee shall be a subcommittee of the County Committee.

Executive Committee (Voting)

Edward Muldrow

County Chairman


First Vice Chair

Mark Bogart

Second Vice Chair

Anthony O'Lenick


Judy Bailey

Executive Secretary

Gary Douglas

Member-At-Large #1

Fran Millar

Member-At-Large #2

Cathie Hunter-Greensberg

District #2 Manager

Tom Ellis

District #3 Manager


District #4 Manager

Pat Quigly

District #5 Manager

John Henry Theiss

District #6 Manager

Executive Committee (Non-Voting)

Alice O'Lenick

Elections Board

Ben Satterfield

Elections Board