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Jacqueline Tseng

GA07 Candidate (Republican)

Website Bio

My name is Jacqueline Tseng and I am running for U.S. House of Representatives, District 7. I have been a Gwinnett County resident since 2000, residing with my husband, Louis Tseng and son, Benjamin. I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State University.

I am formally employed with the State of Georgia Department of Human Resources and for the Georgia Employees Retirement System as an Information Technology Management professional. I later joined McKesson Corporation. In addition to my professional duties I became president of PAVE-ATL, McKesson’s Diversity and Inclusion Employees Resource Groups, with a strong focus on mentoring and building leaders within the company.

I come from humble beginnings as a first-generation refugee to the United States.  My family escaped the Khmer Rouge Genocide in Cambodia seeking liberty and freedom. We spent a year at the United Nations Refugee Camp in Thailand and six months in the U.S. Philippine Refugee Processing Center, after which my family left to come to the United States. We followed the legal process and became naturalized U.S. citizens.  I am proud to call this land of endless opportunity my “home sweet home”.

My mother arrived in America barely able to speak English, but she had the tenacity to single-handedly work three jobs to support five young children – putting food on the table and providing the basic life necessities. My mother’s fortitude of self determination and reliance propelled me and my siblings to work hard to put ourselves through college.

At a young age, I understood the importance of being a compassionate Christian. The values of integrity, respect, and self-reliance are virtuous character traits which define me as a person and serves a basis for my conservative policy principles. These are the same principles many refugees and legal immigrants embrace. They come to this country for the opportunity of liberty and freedom – the opportunity of access.  Many families across Georgia face similar challenges and determinations similar to my family. This moved me to start a business – helping individuals and families learn how to properly manage their money and plan for retirement.

I have a heart to serve community. I became actively involved in politics to make a difference in my district and for all Georgians. I assisted and hosted fundraiser events for local and state political candidates as well as for non-profit organizations. During elections I can be found canvassing door-to-door, assisting with voter registration and phone banking. I helped my husband, Louis Tseng, with his races for City Council and State House. I actively serve in several organizations: secretary of the Gwinnett County GOP Executive Board; treasurer of the Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce; the Atlanta Chinese Cultural; the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA- GA) and the Atlanta Chinese Lunar New Year Festival Committee. After the 2018 Mid-Term Election, I co-founded the Conservative Diversity Alliance group with a mission to foster relationships in diverse communities across metro Atlanta to promote the message of strong family values, economic freedom, and civic engagement.

Being involved in the political landscape, both locally and nationally, has inspired me to run for office. Living under communist rule, I understand socialism and how its mentality causes great harm to our nation. With the recent Democratic wave of pushing socialism into mainstream society, my ultimate goal is to be a contributor and advocate for Gwinnett County and all of Georgia to continue to uphold conservative values of liberty, freedom, self-reliance, and strong economic development. This is why I am running for U.S. House of Representatives, District 7. I am Jacqueline Tseng.